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How to Keep Your Legitimate Direct Mail From Getting Snatched Up by Spam Filters

By Steve Klein
You spend hours working on a piece of direct e-mail, sweating over the tiniest details, making sure it tells your customer or prospect exactly what they need to know in exactly the right way. When you're finished your tenth or eleventh draft, you click the send button, sit back, and wait for business to start rolling in.

Spyware Is Not Like A Nosy Neighbor

By Daviyd Peterson
Remember the television show about the nosy neighbor Mrs. Kravitz always peeking out her window or over the fence, sometimes even knocking on the door just to find out what was going on in her neighborhood? Spyware is not anything like Mrs. Kravitz, it won't knock on the door and ask permission to be downloaded to your computer and look at your personal files.

Restaurant 86 Item Countdown Feature - A Point of Sale Solution To An Old Problem

By Jerry Wilson
86 Item Countdown is a feature with lots of possibilities. Not just for counting down daily specials. There are tons of othe uses for this valuable feature.

Last Minute 24 Hour Science Projects - Do Not Be Tempted to Do it For Your Kid

By Sue Gnagy Fegan
Take a deep breath and let the temptation pass. It is never, ever a good plan to do projects for your child. You will fail Parenting 101 with flying colors. There are some things you can do to help this last minute project be successful, like...

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